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Do I Have Mold in My Home? – Warning Signs You May Have a Problem

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

Do I Have Mold in My Home?

The first thing we need to understand about mold is: yes, you do have mold in your home. Mold is ubiquitous, meaning it is found everywhere. Mold in normal amount is not necessarily unhealthy or destructive. When you have increased level of mold is when you have a problem.

What causes an increased level of mold? Molds thrive in areas with high moisture levels. In fact, all mold needs to survive is a food source which is anything cellulose and water. Typically, your home or business is kept well below the 60% relative humidity needed for elevated mold growth. But if you have any sort of water intrusion from a flood, roof leak, or seeping basement the moisture level in the air could increase to a level that is prime for mold growth. What do you need to look for?

Water Spots: Water spots on sheetrock, ceiling tiles, or basement walls typically indicate a water intrusion of some kind. As mentioned above a water intrusion can elevate moisture levels in the air to promote mold growth. You need to find the source of the water. SERVPRO of Carthage-Joplin can safely assist you in this area.

Discoloration: Not all discoloration is mold growth but many times it is a tell-tail sign of elevated mold growth. When you discover the discoloration ask yourself if there is a reason to believe the conditions are right for mold growth? Did you suffer a water intrusion lately? Is the discoloration near a water source like nearby plumbing that could have a small leak? Again, a professional is best suited to further investigate.

Foul Odor: Plain and simple, mold stinks! Literally stinks. Based on the type of mold, the amount of mold, and how good of a sniffer you have it could be a very faint odor or it could be quite pungent. If you believe the odor is mold related you should bring in a professional.

Mold is nothing to ignored.  It also can deteriorate you home value as it eats away at the structure and finishes costing you money to repair. Mold is a topic that many time makes people uncomfortable because they have seen extreme examples of how harmful mold can be when out of control. Remember every story of extreme mold clean up usually started small with one or more of the above listed signs. Don’t let a small problem in your Carthage, MO, MO home grow out of control. If you see the signs call SERVPRO of Carthage-Joplin for an evaluation.

3 Reasons Adjusters Like Working With SERVPRO

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

Work team unloading equipment off the truck from a restoration company Insurance companies continue to choose SERVPRO as a preferred vendor for disaster recovery and restoration.

SERVPRO Is Preferred By Adjusters For Three Reasons.

As an insurance adjuster in Webb City, MO, you know that some vendors can make your job harder than it needs to be and some can make it easier. Insurance companies continue to choose SERVPRO as a preferred vendor for disaster recovery and restoration, here are three reasons why.

1. Big Company Oversight

Big, national company power means resources like national account managers, centralized training, and quality standards. You can count on consistent quality and professionalism for all franchises.

• A national call center means your customer receives a response within an hour of their initial call.

• National franchise oversight means consistency no matter where the local office is thanks to consistent training, internal audits, proof of work and strong communication.

• They have their own IICRC approved training facility providing employee certifications, franchise training, and continuing education.

2. Local Company Presence

Local offices are all over the country so remediation professionals can get to your customer within the timeframes expected in the industry.

• Franchises are close so they can respond fast.

• Local restoration professionals make your customers feel at ease.

3. Accessible Claims Information System

The superior claims information system is one of the best time-saving tools available for any insurance adjuster.

• Insurance claim information is easily accessible on multiple devices.

• The system aids in the management and documentation for individual claims, including notice of loss, digital photos, and estimates.

• Reporting is available on a multitude of levels including information system that provides management reporting.

As an insurance adjuster, you know that a fast response and superior methodology is reducing claims costs by preventing additional damage that can quickly develop from time and exposure. Knowing that you can count on any local franchise to follow the national standards for crew, vehicles, insurance levels, and processes means you can trust your vendor to do the job right the first time. This saves you time and valuable customer relationships. You know your customers are reassured every time a SERVPRO restoration professional enters their home.

Mold Has an Appetite for Fine Art

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Is A Fine Art Appreciator

Artwork poses a difficult challenge when it comes to mold cleaning. The usual mold remediation and prevention techniques won’t work. You can't:

  • Abrasive-blast the mold away with baking soda
  • Treat the moldy area with chemicals and paint
  • Throw it away
  • Make the environment inhospitable

Mold and Oil Paintings Both Like Warmth and Moisture

A home with low relative humidity inhibits mold growth. Unfortunately, it also damages oil paintings. Both do very well when the relative humidity is 45 percent. They also enjoy a room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Displaying your artwork in this environment makes it susceptible to mold.

Mold Cleaning of Paintings Is Simple for the Experts

Art restoration is a science unto itself. Its practitioners often restore paintings that are centuries old. These paintings may show damage, neglect, or need cleaning. The mold remediation is one of the many tasks they perform on a regular basis.

With your moldy oil paintings, there is one question. How important are they to you? A family heirloom deserves expert attention. If it's a painting you don't care as much about, mold remediation might be an interesting experience.

There are four simple steps:

  1. Place the painting in the sun for a few hours and let it dry completely
  2. Taking care not to damage the paint, don a mask and brush away the dried mold using a soft brush
  3. Using a weak bleach solution, treat the moldy areas with a light spray
  4. Return the painting to the sun for drying
    Moldy Artwork May Point to a Bigger Problem

Finding mold damage on an oil painting is not a cause for panic. It suggests that it is time to check the rest of your home. Look for signs of mold in wet, damp or humid areas.

Further signs of infestation mean that you are due for mold cleaning. You will locate a team of mold remediation experts in the Neosho, MO, area who can move in and address the problem. They can also find someone to restore your paintings.